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Hysteria (M)

Romantic comedy and true story about how Dr. Mortimer Granville invented the world's first electromechanical vibrator in 1880 Britain as a cure for female hysteria.
Director: Tanya Wexler
Cast: Hugh Dancy,Rupert Everett,Jonathan Pryce,Maggie Gyllenhaal,Anna Chancellor,Felicity Jones,Gemma Jones,Tobias Menzies,Sheridan Smith,Kate Linder
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Duration: 100 minutes
Critics say:
"The performances are spot on, and I especially like the spunky Gyllenhaal?" - Chicago Sun-Times
"Despite its titillating subject matter, Hysteria is only mildly stimulating. The final third of the story meanders during a tedious trial and clumsy speechifying" - USA Today
"Director Tanya Wexler plays things broadly at times, but "Hysteria" has good fun with history while coming off far more wholesome than salacious" - Detroit News

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